Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Repairing SR 14 through the Columbia River Gorge

by Bart Treece

The speed limit on SR 14 in Stevenson has been reduced to help avoid
additional deterioration of the highway until repairs can be made.
It’s no secret that the pavement on SR 14 east of Stevenson is in rough shape. Widespread potholing is a result of water seeping into the roadway, coupled with the deep freeze and the weight of heavy traffic. With record rainfall in the last month, it is difficult for us to patch the problem areas in a timely manner because we need dry weather for the materials to stick properly to the roadway.

A pothole on SR 14 in Stevenson. Water seeping into the roadway along with a deep
freeze and heavy traffic has created several such potholes on the highway.

Short-term steps
We’ve secured some funding to continue patching the highway, and we’ll be out as the weather cooperates. As a preventative measure, and for the safety of drivers, we have reduced the speed limit through some areas to help avoid additional deterioration of the highway from traffic moving at high speeds.

Maintenance crews make the most of dry weather to make repairs east of Stevenson Friday, March 10.
Long-term solution
We would like to have a contractor out as soon as possible to remove the existing damaged roadway and repave the highway. This could begin sometime this spring, but we need good weather to ensure that the work is done right, and lasts a long time.


Amanda said...

"Secured some funding"? What?? Ws dot knew the road (paving project completed 2015) was failing in December 2015!!! Whomever approved the mix should be fired & the roadway from Clark County through Klickitat should be completely repaired, it's all going to fail. Thanks to senator king who authored the 2015 transportation bill, we now have the 2nd highest gas tax in the nation and drastically increased car tabs & license fees. I think you've "secured the funding" off all Washingtonian's backs!

penny debriae said...

Try driving a bus full of kids over this over and over throughout the day and avoid other cars trying to swerve around potholes. Or be stuck with a bus full of kids waiting to clear up wrecked semi or cars caused by potholes. Please hurry and fix this we carry prescious cargo and want to keep our children safe

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